Game Review: Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is an entertaining and very well-designed game that will be found very intriguing by gamers who have just started exploring the tower-defense games genre, as well as challenging and satisfying to serious fans of this real-time-strategy subgenre especially to Zombie Games fanatics.

The Gameplay

The gameplay and interface start out simply: you must plant seeds, collect sunlight, and tend a gridded garden that is your only defense against ravenous waves of the cartoonish undead. Zombies advance right to left in rows, and you have to decide which kind of plants to use and where to put them, whether you choose to accelerate sunlight production growing sunflowers or a variety of other plants to shoot, chomp, freeze, block, or otherwise frustrate the zombies. At each level, zombies attack at random intervals, with a special moment in which a massive horde of zombies will attack the player. A meter that indicates the approximate time when the zombie assault will occur alerts the player gets of this killer onslaught.

Green Arsenal

Hilariously-named weapons like Potato Mines, Hypno-shrooms, Peashooters and Cabbage-pults provide defence and attack capabilities. You and Crazy Dave have to prevent the entire neighbourhood from having its residents’ brains eaten by the zombies. You can buy a variety of items offered by your crazy neighbour, who sells things from the back of his car, with the money you earn throughout every mode. Items range from upgrades for your existing plants to defensive boosts, to a wide variety of gardening implements that help you cultivate your Zen gardens. These are simple greenhouses where you can grow your exotic plants in a zombie-free environment. The music helps set the vibe and is quite superb. It generally consists of light-hearted, dynamic loops that bop along at a good pace and set a great tone for the action.

It’s quite remarkable how well everything works together in Plants vs. Zombies. Every element, from the gameplay to the bonus extras to the presentation, seems to follow the core philosophy of accessible simplicity underpinned by thoughtful complexity. If you have never played a tower defense game before, this is the one you should try. And if you’re sick to death of tower defense games, this one’s gonna bring you back into the fold.


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