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Real Life Horror: Cannibals

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Throughout history, there are probably many cases of cannibalism. Here are 3 of the most infamous cannibals known to the world. Hopefully information here can be of use to you, and also suggest that you watch out against possible human cannibals around you. Read on to find out about these real life horror stories.

Albert Fish

The Grey Man

Albert Fish was a real life monster in every sense of the word. He was delusional, sadistic and worst of all he experienced pleasure from his repulsive acts. He was an admitted serial killer and cannibal; moreover, he was also a rampant pedophile and a deviant. On May 28, 1928, Fish kidnapped Grace Budd, a 10 year old girl from Manhattan. He then murdered and consumed her remains in a house in Westchester. Five years later, Fish sent the innocent girl’s family a letter which graphically detailed his crime and the pleasure he got from it. The letter was then traced back to him and later lead to his arrest and conviction. Justice was served on January 16, 1936 when Fish was electrocuted in Sing Sing Correctional Facility in upstate New York.

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer

The Milwaukee Cannibal

Jeffrey Dahmer was an American serial killer, cannibal and necrophiliac from West Allis, Wisconsin. Dahmer is an extremely disturbed person, he would invite young men to his apartment where he would murder and mutilate them after sedation with alcohol or drugs. After getting rid of his victims he would then experiment or consume their remains. On July 22, 1991, Dahmer lured another would-be victim, Tracy Edwards, into his home. Fortunately, Edwards was lucky enough to escape and wave for help to a patrolling police car. The police were lead back to Dahmer’s apartment and he was arrested.  During his trial, Dahmer pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity but was later found sane. He was charged and convicted on 15 counts of murder and was given 15 life sentences. On November 28, 1994, Dahmer and another inmate, Jesse Anderson, got beaten by a fellow inmate at the Colombia Correctional Institution in Milwaukee. Dahmer died due to severe head trauma while on his way to the hospital in an ambulance.

Andrei Chikatilo

The Butcher of Rostov

Andrei Chikatilo was a serial killer and rapist from Ukrainia. While in police custody, Chikatilo confessed murdering and mutilating over 50 people. He befriended, killed, and consumed his victims. He admitted that his motives were solely for sexual pleasure. The story of Chikatilo’s life and crimes are the stuff that nightmares are made of. This madman only stopped his killing spree when he was finally apprehended and identified after one of the biggest operations in Russian police history. On February 14, 1994, Chikatilo was executed in Novocherkassk prison and executed by a single gunshot behind the right ear.


The Origin of Jack O’Lantern

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The Irish are responsible for bringing the tradition of the Jack O’Lantern to America. It is the symbol that best represents Halloween. But the original Jack O’Lantern was not a pumpkin but was something else. If you want to know what it is, just keep on reading to find out.

The Legend

The legend of Jack O’Lantern goes back hundreds of years in Irish History. As the story goes, Stingy Jack was a disgraceful, old drunk who loved to play tricks on everyone: family, friends  and even the Devil. One day, he tricked the Devil into climbing up a tree. Once the Devil climbed up the tree, Stingy Jack immediately placed crosses around the trunk of the tree. The Devil was then unable to descend the tree. Stingy Jack made the Devil promise him that he will not take his soul when he died. After the devil promised not to take his soul, Stingy Jack then removed the crosses and let the Devil down.

Wandering in Darkness

Many years have passed and Jack finally died. He went to the gates of heaven and met Saint Peter who told him that he was too mean and cruel, and had led a disgraceful and worthless life on earth. He wasn’t allowed to enter heaven so he then went down to hell. But the Devil kept his promise (really?) and would not allow him to enter hell as well. Now Jack was afraid and had nowhere else to go but to wander about eternity in the darkness between heaven and hell. It was too dark so he asked the Devil how he could leave. From the flames of hell, the Devil threw him an ember to light his way. Jack saw a hollowed turnip and placed the ember inside. From that day onward, Stingy Jack roamed the earth without a final resting place, lighting his way with his “Jack O’Lantern”.

On all Hallow’s eve (or Halloween as we know it), the Irish hollowed out turnips, gourds, potatoes, rutabagas and beets. They then placed a light inside to ward off evil spirits and keep Stingy Jack away. These were the original Jack O’Lanterns. In the 1800’s, waves of Irish immigrants came to America. These immigrants quickly discovered that Pumpkins were bigger and were much easier to carve out. From then on, they used pumpkins for Jack O’Lanterns.

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 2

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As a horror movie fan, I couldn’t help resist what Paranormal Activity had to offer.  But I was rather disappointed and I was really bored and dozing off half way of the film. I swore to myself that if ever there’s a sequel, I’m sure to be the last person to see that movie. But after watching the trailer of Paranormal Activity 2, I suddenly had a change of heart and felt like giving it a chance.

This is actually a prequel

First would be the plot. This is actually a prequel to the first film as it takes place two months before the events of the first movie. Katie’s sister, Kristi, and her family are the ones involved. The story begins with their family setting up security cameras around their house after experiencing what they thought was a series of break-ins, only to realize that the events unfolding before them are more dangerous than they seem. Weird things start to happen even during day and a lot more during the night. Through the surveillance videos, they find out that they’re being haunted by an evil presence that has come for their baby. It wasn’t explained if the evil in this film has something to do with that in the first movie. However, it is implied that Kristi and Katie’s mother is to blame for drawing the attention of the demons that haunt them.

As for the acting, it’s actually a bit of a step above the first movie. Not that the acting in the first one was really bad or anything, it’s just that the acting in this movie is way much better because it really does feel like the characters are actually conversing. In the first movie, there were times that the actors were like reading off a script, but here they sound pretty natural throughout the entire film.

Events happen largely as they did in Paranormal Activity, with the same development from small scares to the jump-out-of-your-seat big ones. The effects were really good especially the scene where Kristi got dragged down the stairs. That was really the most terrifying scene as it was very intense.

Paranormal Activity was a big hit only because it offered audiences something that is different from the customary horror film. Paranormal Activity 2, however, is just the same as any other unexceptional sequel but is still worth the watch on a Friday night.

Game Review: Saw II: Flesh & Blood

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Saw II: Flesh & Blood is a third person survival horror video game that is sequel to 2009’s Saw: The Video Game, both of which are based on the popular Saw films. Saw II picks up just after Saw and is set between the second and third movie. If you’re a big fan of the Saw series, chances are you’ll enjoy this sequel.  Make sure you grab a copy just after you read my review!


Flesh & Blood is set between the second and third movie in the series. The new lead character, Michael, is the son of Detective David Tapp, who begins to investigate the cause of his father’s death which eventually makes him a target of the Jigsaw Killer and his apprentice Pighead. The game will supposedly take the player to a number of locations including factories, hotels, sewers, and other places to capture Jigsaw and find clues behind the detective’s death.


Saw II retains the same style of gameplay as the first game, being basically a third-person survival horror game with very intense action elements. Puzzles from the original game return, such as the “circuit puzzles”; but instead of matching them with the same colour, the player needs to match wires of opposite colour (yellow to red and vice-versa). Lockpicking also returns, but uses a new mini game that gets the player to manipulate the tumblers to unlock. Also, environmental puzzles are presented in a new way, like having to turn the flashlight on-and-off in certain areas to reveal certain clues. Quick-time traps are back; in addition to shotguns being hidden behind doors new lethal traps have been introduced such as closing walls, swinging scythes, and loose floorboards. They are placed throughout certain areas for the player to avoid by pressing a button in a timely fashion.

For this sequel, the entire combat system was revamped from the original game. There are two types of combat: puzzle-based and melee. Puzzle-based combat encourages the player to make use of traps or the environment to kill enemies, like opening an elevator shaft as the enemy charges into it to eliminate them. Melee combat, on the other hand, consists of the player using their hands and feet or weapons to neutralize an enemy. Quick maneuvers and defensive repercussion to defend the player from aggressive enemies is the basis of the combat. Timing is also very essential in fighting and neutralizing enemies.

The “Case Files” from the first game also return. The files’ subjects are varied but a few focus on Detective Tapp’s testimonies on his raid of Jigsaw’s hideout and his entrapment in Whitehurst Asylum. Also, Billy the Puppet dolls are a new collectible which can be found scattered in different locations in the game.  There are several areas in the game where you have to solve more difficult puzzles to obtain the dolls. Multiple endings are back, only this time around players should complete the game again completely to unlock a different ending due to the decisions made throughout the game that affect the final outcome of the game.

My 3 Scary Video Games To Play This Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner and there are plenty of items to enjoy. As Asian horror movie fans we’re not limited alone to watching and collecting the scariest movies. Most of us probably spend a lot of time playing video games with our friends and families. I for one sit down on the couch and play with the latest Playstation or Xbox game out on the market every now and then. As a player, I grew very fond of just how amazing these games entertain me.
If you just got a brand new game console (or still have your old ones) and thinking about playing some scary stuff, below is a list of games that I think stands above the rest of scary video games. Go to the nearest video games shop and give these a try. But best of all before you put that disc into your console wait till the night falls, be alone, turn off the lights, blast the speakers and enjoy!

Resident Evil 5

This is the seventh instalment of the survivor horror Resident Evil series from Capcom. The game follows the story of Chris Redfield who is sent to Kijuju, a fictional region in Africa. Chris is joined by Sheva Alomar to help capture the villain Ricardo Irving, who’s trying to sell a bio-organic weapon in the black market. After witnessing a Kijuju local transforming into an evolved parasitic host, both are now fighting for their lives to kill the infected.

Although I might say that the game has similarities with “Left 4 Dead”, Resident Evil has an advantage. Besides being one of the most successful games in the horror genre, it’s a game of very intense adventure, full of tight gameplay and breathtaking environment. The infected are really scary, enough to fill in your endless nights. It’s available on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Known in Japan as “Zero: Akai Chō”. For me, of all the Fatal Frame series, this is the scariest. This game was released for Playstation 2 way back in 2003, the Xbox version contains a “director’s cut” which contains additional features. The game is also backward compatible with the new game console.

In here, you play as Mio Amakura, who has a twin sister named Mayu. Both get lost in the forest where they often play when they discovered a village that has been known to have mysteriously disappeared. As a player you will explore the whole village to find your way out. While there are no zombies or aliens to fight in here, Fatal Frame makes up for its dark environment that I find very creepy with four different great endings.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

The game revolves around war veteran, Alex Shepard. After getting wounded in combat as an army soldier, he was sent back to the U.S. for a lengthy stay in the hospital. He then begins to have nightmares in which his younger sibling Joshua is in peril. Released in very good shape, Alex is determined to rescue his brother from the unknown danger that stalk him, even if it means  to return to the town of Shepard’s Glen that he turned his back from so long ago. Upon arrival, Alex finds out that his home has somehow been consumed by evil and the streets are filled with dark, twisted things in his absence. His mother, now nearly catatonic, watches helplessly from her rocking chair while the world falls apart. It seems as if the entire town had been gone missing, which includes Alex’s brother and father. As Alex, you must uncover the shadowy secrets of your hometown’s past to find your brother and save him. It’s available on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

Movie Review: The Hills Run Red

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Maybe I went to the movie house expecting a bit too much having been swept up by the hype train, but beside a show-stealing performance by William Sadler, it’s hard for me to recommend “The Hills Run Red” as much more than a movie night rental with your buddies. Here’s my take on this move…

The Plot

The story revolves around Tyler, a film aficionado on the hunt to find a completed print of a missing and legendary 80’s slasher film, The Hills Run Red, said to be the goriest and most brutal little horror movie ever created. Enlisting the help of his best friend and girlfriend, Tyler embarks into the backwoods in search of the holy grail of gruesome, only to discover soon that things aren’t quite all that they seem. To say more would be potentially giving away what story there is and ruin a twist or two that “The Hills Run Red” works itself up within the first hour of run time.

A Slight Comparison

Many have compared THRR to a cross between Wrong Turn and Scream, but I’m more likely to argue it has more similarities with John Carpenter’s Masters of Horror Episode, Cigarette Burns, than the aforementioned Wes Craven franchise. Fans of the now defunct Showtime series will instantly recognize the not too obvious similarities in the story between Cigarette Burns and THRR, as well as the over the top gore scenes which stand out as big pluses in both films. THRR considerably never goes as far in its self-awareness and fan boy masturbation as Scream, and quite honestly, this film is much better off for it, in spite of being somewhat of a love letter to the horror genre.  Apart from that, there isn’t anything else done particularly well here.

On a positive note, the film’s highlight is William Sadler, who absolutely steals every scene he’s in, even if he’s not given enough to do as the “lost” films’ , maniacal and reclusive director. Sadler alone makes this film worth watching, though I’d be hard pressed to recommend “The Hills Run Red” as more than a rental to be enjoyed with a handful of friends and a couple of beers. This one comes with a lot of promise like recent slashers, Laid to Rest and Hatchet, but does very little to separate itself from the rest of the crop.

Not So Classic Games: Juggernaut (PS1)

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Juggernaut, a psychological horror adventure game that I consider one of the best games I played with my PS1. It suffers a bit from some very dated graphics, but its deliberately slow pace and constantly frightening atmosphere will draw in those looking for a big change of pace. I wasn’t expecting too much of this games since I heard from a few people that this game was pretty lame. But after establishing some quality time into this one, I came to the conclusion that some reviewers seem to be forgetting that the games that they play are not just for them, but for fans of that particular genre or for people looking to expand their gaming horizons! Let’s go on with the review now!

The Plot
The game begins as you arrive at your girlfriend’s house after receiving a phone call from a strange man. You get there, only to find out that the man who called is a priest, and your girlfriend is possessed! You find out that an ‘evil force’ has entered her body and the only way to save her is to enter her soul and cleanse all the evil forces that are there!  And before you know it, the priest is sending you off on your journey (by plunging a knife into a bible?!), and you arrive on a beach, with a bloody-red sun in the sky. And that’s only the first four or five minutes of the game!

The Gameplay
Juggernaut’s gameplay is purely point and click, which is a really major turn-off for those who don’t like games like Riven or Myst, but the disturbing storyline is a big draw. As you make your way into the game, you will notice that the sound design is quite excellent. It has some of the strangest sounds and music that will ever come from your TV. The backgrounds, while static screens, have an unusual life to them, and the puzzles were some of the most logical I’ve ever played. Games like Resident Evil and the like usually have the kind of puzzles that are way too abstract in the context of their respective storylines. The puzzles in this game feel just right. After solving the first sequence of puzzles, you end up in a creepy mansion, but without your body! You find yourself only able to pass through tiny holes in the walls until you find a suitable body. Searching for a new shell then becomes the object of the game and the mission to destroy each part of the evil that is inhabiting your sweetie.

My Final Words
It’s just not possible to go into more detail on the story without giving it away- except to say that there’s a very long journey ahead of you, if ever you decide to take it. From solving cool puzzles and finding and creating necessary items, there are more than enough to keep any gamer with an open mind busy. The cinematics move things forward and things get weirder as the game progresses, and that was just enough to keep me playing! This isn’t just the type of game where you blow away lots of stuff or shoot laser beams from your fingertips — but as I mentioned before, if you are looking for a different type of challenge (and you still own a PS1), then Juggernaut is something I would highly recommend!


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