My Sister’s Bloody Mary Experience

My sister shared with me her first-hand “real” Bloody Mary experience. It happened during her college days together with her best friend. I’m not sure if the story is true but it definitely gave me the chills. Of course, It’s up to you if you’re going to believe it or not. Here it goes…

As a young girl, my sister would attend many sleep-over parties. As many young girls did, they would always tell horror stories and play the game “Bloody Mary”. For people who are not familiar with the game, you go in front of a mirror, turn the lights off, and repeat “Bloody Mary” several times. Supposedly, you should see the image of Bloody Mary in the mirror and if you do not either turn the lights on fast or run out she will stick her hands out of the mirror and scratch you! Well, of course this never worked… until one day.

She was already in college that time and went home for Christmas break to visit her best friend since first grade. She ended up staying the night at her house. They were just remembering all the good times they had as kids and all the silly things they used to do. During this discussion they got on the topic of how they used to play Bloody Mary and how stupid it was since it never worked. They decided to play the game again just for old time sake.


The Ghastly Figure

They went into the bathroom, shut the door close, and turned the lights off. Her bathroom had no windows and it was witch black in the room. It was so dark that they could not even see their hands in front of their faces. They held hands and began repeating “Bloody Mary”. Then something suddenly appeared in the mirror. It wasn’t a face of Bloody Mary at all. What appeared was a green triangle. The triangle started out small and grew larger. They stopped repeating the line and watched the triangle grow larger, not sure what to think. They didn’t expect to see anything at all, especially not a triangle. If anything they thought they would have seen Bloody Mary herself. She wasn’t sure if she was very scared during that time, more like extremely confused and intrigued as to why they were seeing a triangle. They just stared into the mirror in awe for about 20 seconds. All of the sudden, she felt something grab her arm and she screamed. Her friend started screaming too and quickly turned on the light, opened the door, and pulled her out of the bathroom.

They ran into the bedroom and just stared at each other. My sister asked her friend if she saw anything. She too saw the green triangle that continued to get bigger. She also felt that someone grabbed her arm which freaked the hell out of her and made her pull my sister out of the bathroom. They closed the bathroom door and did not go even near it for the rest of the night. Till this day, my sister’s friend doesn’t dare to use that bathroom if she doesn’t have to. That bathroom has now always been colder than the rest of the house, which it never was in the past. Nothing else happened, but they definitely think that this was a very strange experience. They’re not sure if there is a connection at all between Bloody Mary and the triangle, but that is what happened. Although this story may be a little strange, my sister says that this is all very true.


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