My Scary Wash Room Experience

Way back 2005, I worked as a marketing assistant for a steel manufacturing company. The building was a bit old and I’ve heard a lot of ghost stories from my co-workers. A lady in white has been said to be haunting the 7th floor where our office was located. I really didn’t believe in ghosts so I simply ignored their stories.



It was my fifth day on the job. It was almost 5pm when I felt the need to go to the men’s room. It was big and it had 6 cubicles. I went to the sixth cubicle. I was about to close the door, when I heard a flush apparently coming from the first cubicle. It was really creepy because I didn’t notice anyone inside when I got there. Besides, if someone has entered right after me, I should have heard the door open because it was very heavy.



Anyone inside?

I was really scared but out of curiosity, I still went out to check if there was really someone with me inside the men’s room. I checked the cubicles. I was at the third cubicle when I heard the door of the first cubicle unlock. I was waiting for someone to get out. I was hoping that someone will. Seconds passed by but no one came out. I was shaking out of fear but I mustered the courage and walked slowly towards the first cubicle. I pushed the door open but no one was inside. That got me really freaked out. I wanted to run or maybe even scream but I couldn’t.


The Great Escape

My body won’t move an inch. It seemed like forever when suddenly, I heard footsteps coming from behind me. I closed my eyes and prayed. Finally, I was able to move and I ran as fast as I could. I went back to the working area and acted as if nothing has happened but my officemates noticed that I was shaking and I looked really scared. I told them what happened and they informed me that I wasn’t the first to experience that inside the 7th floor men’s room. After that incident, I never went to that men’s room again. Even the guy in charge of cleaning was scared every time he went to the 7th floor. He said that he could feel someone with him even when he’s alone.



It took me another week before I decided to quit the job. No one knew the reason behind all the haunting.  As for me, I actually didn’t care. All I know is, I wouldn’t want to go back there ever!


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