The Horde: Zombie Action at its Best!

“La Horde” has to be the best zombie film that I’ve seen in a long time. It’s an insanely “violent and gore” French film. The Plot is really action-filled, but none of the characters are likeable. Cops and criminals work together to survive in a tower block as the end of days happen and the dead return as aggressive bloodthirsty zombies. The origin of the zombies has only minor explanation but I really didn’t care much as I was focused with the fast and brutal action.

The Plot

The story begins with four bent cops out to avenge the murder of another policeman by a group of ruthless gangsters , trapped in a condemned building. The gangsters were about to execute the cops when the nightmare occurs: hordes of cannibalistic blood-thirsty creatures appear and savagely attack everyone. The survivors run up to the roof only to discover that the entire city is in chaos. The streets are filled with hordes of countless cadavers and the whole city is in flames. Despite their mutual hatred, the gangsters and the cops must join forces if they want to survive against a sudden zombie horde, all within the confines of a high-rise building. They’ll have to go down thirteen floors full of ravenous creatures but the worst threat lies elsewhere…

My thoughts on this film

The action and tension were very good from the outset I was almost wishing it wasn’t about to turn to a zombie film. But when it did, I wasn’t disappointed. My only criticism of the film is that it shouldn’t have been openly advertised as a zombie film, leaving their appearance as a surprise. But this doesn’t stop it from being one of the finest zombie or action films around.

If you like a lot of action, brutality and violence then I highly recommend you to see this. The scares were very well thought and the tension is gradually built higher and higher. The only complaint is that the ending wasn’t clever despite being different. Watch it as soon as you can!

Watch trailer here


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