Movie Review – Saw 3D: The Final Chapter

In its least self-serious instalment yet, the Saw franchise literally throws its extraordinary gore in our faces, along with an unusual amount of self-parody. The significant storyline is starting to feel really played out, but there’s a perceived sense of actual fun to this alleged final film of a thriller movie franchise which i consider one of the greatest ever made.

The Bigger Picture

The Saw movies has been putting much effort to tie each movie together to continue the saga of a character that died at the end of part 3, and you know that it’s really about to end in this one when the central character, John “Jigsaw” Kramer, gets exactly a single good scene, and returning fan-favourite, Dr. Gordon is essentially reduced to a cameo.

There’s nothing much more to tell about characters whose major misdeeds had already been catalogued in the previous six movies.

Yes, Jigsaw’s widow Jill and psychotic protégée Hoffman are still in a cat-and-mouse battle of wits, abetted in this instance by a humorously incompetent cop named Gibson. But the magnitude of the action this time has very little to do with the returning characters, and focuses on a flimsy self-help guru who has built a career based on making lies about escaping from a Jigsaw trap, and now finds himself looking down the real thing.

As Jigsaw himself is something of a perverted self-help guru, there is room for mockery here, and for once, the film definitely goes for it, making it clear that rightly, any talk about improving one’s life by way of death traps is preposterous. One particularly horrendous death proves to be utterly unfounded when it’s revealed to be a dream with no impact on the plot whatsoever. After the seriousness of the previous sequels, this makes for a fascinating change.

While the ending is basically gratifying this time, it does leave enough room for yet another sequel.


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