Zombie Games For Your iPhone

You know what’s good about zombies? Duh?! Everything! Moaning, lurching hordes of the undead existing entirely to gorge on human flesh and brains–talk about party monsters!

Whether you adore zombies like I do, or just love to kill them down, there is an iPhone zombie game for you.

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies

The iPhone’s first official Call of Duty game is all about zombie-whompin’! This first-person gore-fest comes directly from the eponymous console game mode, and it even supports up to four co-op players via the Internet or  Wi-Fi. There is only one map to start, but Activision promises to make a lot more. Price: $9.99

Alive 4-ever

Do you like a small role-playing mixed in with your machine-gunning? Then better check out Alive 4-ever, which gives you an option of four characters to play and the chance to further increase your capabilities by gaining experience. Price: $2.99

Dead Panic

This game is like Tower Defense meets “Dawn of the Dead”. Position your troop, then point them wherever the zombie onslaught draws nearest. Dead Panic can be dull and repetitive, at least till the upgrades kick in, but it’s good enough to satisfy a little bloodlust. Price: $1.99

Resident Evil Degeneration and Resident Evil 4

Nobody, as in nobody, does zombies like Resident Evil. These two games let you thrash it out on rails or in free-roaming graveyards, respectively. Check out the free versions if you want a taste of the games before you buy. Priced at $4.99 and $6.99

Zombieville USA

If you like your zombie bloody, cartoonish, and downright silly–and, let us be honest, who doesn’t? Then this is the game for you. Blast the hordes of undead, buy bigger, meaner weapons, and see how long you can actually survive. Price: $1.99


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