Zombie RPG: Dead State

As gamers, it is a fact that we can’t get just enough zombie action in our lives. After games like Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising, a zombie-based RPG was sure to be released. DoubleBear Productions, a new company composed of veterans from Obisidan and Troika, decided to jump on the ZRPG ball. After DoubleBear announced their ZRPG project, the internet went wild. Now their project has a name, Dead State. In addition with finally giving it a name, DoubleBear has also decided to reveal some juicy details about their new zombie game.

Dead State takes place in Splendid, a fictional town in Texas, which appears to be located in the middle of nowhere. The main character is in charge of the local school, which is also the local shelter of Splendid, and your main objective in this whole dilemma is simply: survive. In an interview with Brian Mitsoda, lead developer of DoubleBear, he was able to give a good amount of information regarding Dead State.

Unique Gaming Experience

According to Mitsoda, the game will evidently not have any “bad guys”, but there’ll be ways to find friends… as well as make enemies. Mitsoda explained “we did this because we wanted a large pool of unique survivors and moreover because we wanted some randomness in the makeup of your group.” Your group may have a different experience every time, depending on their morale, how they get along with the group and other factors. Mitsoda stated “In a way it is like being a real leader – you can’t make decisions that please everyone all the time.”

Another aspect discussed during the interview was the battle system. Dead State is going to be turn-based, and you will not be able to fully control the members in your party. However, what you can do is help equip your group and also heavily influence them psychologically. “We wanted to make our allies feel as if they were individuals rather than extensions of the player,” he explained. “The player can give them orders, but as to whether they will follow that order or not depends on their ability, their reluctance to the task, and their respect for the player’s commands.”

From these details, DoubleBear’s upcoming project sounds very interesting, and very innovative. Hopefully DoubleBear can achieve what they’re aspiring for. Dead State is going to be released on PC with no definite release date (except for not in 2010). Just keep checking with us for the latest details on DoubleBear’s current zombie project.


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