Movie Review: Resident Evil Afterlife

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High on action and matrix-like fight scenes makes this an action-packed film. But too short progress in the story line is somehow a let down. This is how I would summarize my review on the latest instalment of Resident Evil. It’s the fourth movie of the Resident Evil movie franchise which focuses on the developing story of the Umbrella Organization’s role in the release of the deadly T-Virus, which was responsible for the zombie outbreak.

The film begins where Resident Evil: Extinction ends, the set of Alice clones attacked the Umbrella headquarters in Tokyo and she was able to get injected with the anti-T Virus, which she believes would make her human.

“Resident Evil: Afterlife,” introduces a familiar character from the game, Chris Redfield, who now joins her sister Claire who suffered from memory loss after the Umbrella Organization put a memory loss device into them. Claire managed to meet Alice on her way to Arcadia.

Experience a New Dimension of Evil

The film was more thrilling and exciting on 3D especially the battle scene where Claire and Alice fight against the large demonic butcher with a huge clever like weapon. The scenes were really captivating.
On the other hand, the battle in the end with the Umbrella Organization’s leader was also great but I felt it was too short. Alice together with Claire and Chris managed to free Arcadia but there is still an imminent attack from the Umbrella Organization.

The film ends there and hints of the next plot for the fifth sequel. Who wouldn’t want a part five especially if Resident Evil: Afterlife topped the Weekend Box Office during its release with $26,650,264 in the United States.


Movie Review: ‘Zombrex Dead Rising Sun’

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Keiji Inafune’s Zombrex Dead Rising Sun, Japan-centric tie in film to the Dead Rising universe has gone unfortunately unnoticed.  Released in eight parts for free on Xbox Live over the past few months, the film shows the story of the zombie epidemic in Japan as opposed to the American cities of its video game counterpart… but is it worth the watch?  Read further to find out!

The story focuses on a paraplegic named George, his older brother Shin, and their struggles to seek shelter in the midst of the zombie plague.  Refused by countless shelters, they holed-up in what they thought was an abandoned warehouse, only to encounter the psychotic thug Takahashi and his sadistic baddies, who prove to be an even worse threat than the walking dead outside.

True to Dead Rising form, the true conflict of the movie stems more from the demented and immoral humans than from the zombie hordes.  The zombies take a backseat to Takahashi and his gang, who take ruthless pleasure in antagonizing the two brothers as well as a young nurse named Mary, who crashes her car into the warehouse in a search for Zombrex, the drug that she believes can prevent her zombification.

What emerges is pure low-budget zombie movie trash, although elevated to a nonsensical art form by the video-game pedigree that it carries.  By the time the movie ends, we’ve seen gallons of gore, a flamethrower to the face, a wheelchair modified into a chainsaw-mobilized tank, and fatal fellatio, all peppered with easter eggs and sly in-jokes.  Inafune also made a bold decision to shoot most of the movie from the point of view of the wheelchair-bound George, which gives it a very unprecedented perspective.

Unless your Xbox hard drive is full, there is really no reason not to give Zombrex Dead Rising Sun a chance. Its micro budget, awful dubbing and stilted dialogue all add up to be one hell of a good time.  Plus, it’s free!  You will find it in the Game Downloads/Game Videos section of Xbox Live.

Zombie RPG: Dead State

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As gamers, it is a fact that we can’t get just enough zombie action in our lives. After games like Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising, a zombie-based RPG was sure to be released. DoubleBear Productions, a new company composed of veterans from Obisidan and Troika, decided to jump on the ZRPG ball. After DoubleBear announced their ZRPG project, the internet went wild. Now their project has a name, Dead State. In addition with finally giving it a name, DoubleBear has also decided to reveal some juicy details about their new zombie game.

Dead State takes place in Splendid, a fictional town in Texas, which appears to be located in the middle of nowhere. The main character is in charge of the local school, which is also the local shelter of Splendid, and your main objective in this whole dilemma is simply: survive. In an interview with Brian Mitsoda, lead developer of DoubleBear, he was able to give a good amount of information regarding Dead State.

Unique Gaming Experience

According to Mitsoda, the game will evidently not have any “bad guys”, but there’ll be ways to find friends… as well as make enemies. Mitsoda explained “we did this because we wanted a large pool of unique survivors and moreover because we wanted some randomness in the makeup of your group.” Your group may have a different experience every time, depending on their morale, how they get along with the group and other factors. Mitsoda stated “In a way it is like being a real leader – you can’t make decisions that please everyone all the time.”

Another aspect discussed during the interview was the battle system. Dead State is going to be turn-based, and you will not be able to fully control the members in your party. However, what you can do is help equip your group and also heavily influence them psychologically. “We wanted to make our allies feel as if they were individuals rather than extensions of the player,” he explained. “The player can give them orders, but as to whether they will follow that order or not depends on their ability, their reluctance to the task, and their respect for the player’s commands.”

From these details, DoubleBear’s upcoming project sounds very interesting, and very innovative. Hopefully DoubleBear can achieve what they’re aspiring for. Dead State is going to be released on PC with no definite release date (except for not in 2010). Just keep checking with us for the latest details on DoubleBear’s current zombie project.

The Walking Dead – Episode 2: Guts

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In this episode of The Walking Dead, we see the introduction of the rag tag group of survivors whom Rick Grimes will eventually lead in their search of a safe place to live after the zombie apocalypse. We also see some deviation from the original graphic novel upon which the series is based – namely the introduction of the dislikable Merle Dixon, and the earlier-than-in-the-comics introduction of some of the survivors, including Andrea, Lori, Carl and Dale. Episode two “Guts” is also heavily influenced by George Romero’s classic Dawn of the Dead, with the group of survivors holed up in a department store.

Immediately taking off from the end of the episode one, Guts sees Rick being helped out of his tank situation by the series’ comedy relief Glenn. But it is a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire, as Rick must struggle with zombies on the attack from the outside and the bigoted, racist Merle Dixon on the attack from the inside! Of the newly-introduced cast it’s Steven Yuen as Glenn and Michael Rooker as Dixon who really stand out, each character at opposite ends of humanities spectrum – Dixon is the type of character who revels in it, seeking to use every situation for his advantage whilst Glenn is the friendly guy who uses humour to stave off the god-awful situation he’s in. Merle Dixon’s addition to the Walking Dead universe adds a very human villain the events. Unlike zombies, Dixon is very unpredictable. He can be considered a “monster” that adds an air of danger for the group of survivors.

This episode carries the heart of The Walking Dead on its sleeve with a title as straightforward as Guts, and it does not let viewers down, there are plenty of guts throughout this episode, especially in the scene in which Rick and Glenn had to disguise themselves as zombies to pass through the horde of zombies to get their hands on a van to rescue the rest of the survivors – its gross, funny and utterly, utterly superb!

Does episode two of The Walking Dead live up to the hype after the explosive first episode? Dumb question – of course it does! Guts is another great episode in what seems to be THE premiere horror series on television.

Movie Review: Big Tits Zombie 3D

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A group of strippers find a medieval Book of the Dead in the basement of their club. All hell breaks loose when one of them uses the book to raise an army of the undead.

The title is just pure marketing. There is some nudity, but it is on about the level of a Carry On film and is unlikely to upset your grandma. Those who are seeking cheap carnal thrills are advised to look somewhere else. Rather than the lewd promise of its title, what Big Tits Zombie delivers is low-budget, goofy fun with enough quirkiness to get by.

But I guess ‘no budget’ would be more accurate. The zombies look like they came straight from a face painting stall of a school fete and there is never too many of them. The fight scenes are endearingly chaotic and what money were put together seems to have been spent only on a couple of choice effects.

What saved this film are its humour, energy and quirky touches. As expected, Big Tits Zombie doesn’t take itself seriously in the slightest degree. If it did, it would have been a disaster. Instead, it maintains the appropriate nonsensical tone to fuel the ludicrous spectacles while preserving the littlest touch of reality to keep you interested in the characters. The film is peppered with outrageous, inexplicable details. These include zombies playing ping-pong, a new take on body sushi and a bureaucratic hell demon. The female leads are awesome too.

Big Tits Zombie is far from being a masterpiece. It’s not trying to be. But, unlike many of quickly cobbled together low-budget films, the film manages to accomplish its modest aims. It’s entertaining, mindless fun; the kind of film to enjoy with friends and a few beers. And just little over an hour, it does not overstay its welcome.

Zombie Games For Your iPhone

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You know what’s good about zombies? Duh?! Everything! Moaning, lurching hordes of the undead existing entirely to gorge on human flesh and brains–talk about party monsters!

Whether you adore zombies like I do, or just love to kill them down, there is an iPhone zombie game for you.

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies

The iPhone’s first official Call of Duty game is all about zombie-whompin’! This first-person gore-fest comes directly from the eponymous console game mode, and it even supports up to four co-op players via the Internet or  Wi-Fi. There is only one map to start, but Activision promises to make a lot more. Price: $9.99

Alive 4-ever

Do you like a small role-playing mixed in with your machine-gunning? Then better check out Alive 4-ever, which gives you an option of four characters to play and the chance to further increase your capabilities by gaining experience. Price: $2.99

Dead Panic

This game is like Tower Defense meets “Dawn of the Dead”. Position your troop, then point them wherever the zombie onslaught draws nearest. Dead Panic can be dull and repetitive, at least till the upgrades kick in, but it’s good enough to satisfy a little bloodlust. Price: $1.99

Resident Evil Degeneration and Resident Evil 4

Nobody, as in nobody, does zombies like Resident Evil. These two games let you thrash it out on rails or in free-roaming graveyards, respectively. Check out the free versions if you want a taste of the games before you buy. Priced at $4.99 and $6.99

Zombieville USA

If you like your zombie bloody, cartoonish, and downright silly–and, let us be honest, who doesn’t? Then this is the game for you. Blast the hordes of undead, buy bigger, meaner weapons, and see how long you can actually survive. Price: $1.99

‘Blood Drive’ Splatters onto PS3 and Xbox 360

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Activision has just released their vehicle-combat game Blood Drive on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. What is Blood Drive you might ask? Well, to begin with it is not Activision going around asking people to donate their blood for local blood banks. No, we’ll save those blood drives for people like the Red Cross. This Blood Drive is all about armoured cars and zombies.

In this game, players control the cars and battle each other and the hordes of zombies as they compete in a televised game show.

According to David Pokress of Activision Publishing, “Zombies and over-the-top vehicular combat are two things that go great together.” And it is kind of difficult to find fault in his statement.

Love for the Undead

I mean zombies still remain to be very popular. Adding zombies to things continues to rack up sales and interest no matter how many times it has been done. But this was not always the case. Some may remember Carmageddon — pretty great game for its time, lots of fun. But then along came Carmageddon 64, replacing the pedestrians you could run down from regular people to zombies. And man did gamers dislike the change. But now we love zombies, be they communist or nazi.

Blood Drive features 6 different environments, and multiplayer allowing up to 4 players to drop-in and drop-out as they wish. While zombies might be very popular now there was a time when vehicular combat games ruled the gaming world. Now with growing interest in the vehicular combat genre – with games like the upcoming Twisted Metal perhaps leading the charge – this might just be the perfect time for Activision to cash in on two fads at once.

Blood Drive was released on November 2, 2010 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.