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The Walking Dead – Episode 4: Vatos

Posted in The Walking Dead with tags , , , , on November 23, 2010 by zombiegames01

It’s about time for Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, to come forward with an episode from his own hand and one that features the least material from the original source. With this episode it is almost as if the series is saying “Yes, this might be The Walking Dead, but it’s not The Walking Dead you are used to.”

It seems that my fears about the series’ slow pace following episode three were baseless – Vatos picks up the pace perfectly, continuing on from Tell It To The Frogs, with our hero Rick (along with his small group of survivors) still in Atlanta trying to retrieve the bag of guns he left behind when he was being chased by zombies in the first episode, only with a minor complication… another group of survivors!

Vatos spends a fair amount of time on character development, but unlike the previous episode it isn’t at the expense of the pacing and the action – showing just how much of a handle Robert Kirkman has on the universe he created, striking a perfect balance between character, story and action in much the same way as the comic. And although Vatos does have a lot of similarities with the original comic in the aforesaid terms, where it does differ is in the introduction of the second group of survivors in Atlanta.It is an interesting idea, and one that may pay off in the future in this television iteration – but for now, in this episode, the new characters and the circumstance that leads from their introduction is definitely used to great effect, showing us just what type of leader Rick Grimes is, and will be.

As the group of heroes deal with the situation in Atlanta, there is another situation building back at base camp as insecurities, instabilities and tensions come to the fore and the survivors begin to crack mentally and emotionally – and as the series goes on I can see this coming to the fore even more, really giving an emotional human core in the television iteration of The Walking Dead.

Although the story in this episode does avert from the comic for the most part, it does not take long for it to come back to the source material for a horrifying and suitably gory denouement that leaves our group of survivors reeling. Suffice to say that in The Walking Dead no one is safe!


Movie Review: ‘Zombrex Dead Rising Sun’

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Keiji Inafune’s Zombrex Dead Rising Sun, Japan-centric tie in film to the Dead Rising universe has gone unfortunately unnoticed.  Released in eight parts for free on Xbox Live over the past few months, the film shows the story of the zombie epidemic in Japan as opposed to the American cities of its video game counterpart… but is it worth the watch?  Read further to find out!

The story focuses on a paraplegic named George, his older brother Shin, and their struggles to seek shelter in the midst of the zombie plague.  Refused by countless shelters, they holed-up in what they thought was an abandoned warehouse, only to encounter the psychotic thug Takahashi and his sadistic baddies, who prove to be an even worse threat than the walking dead outside.

True to Dead Rising form, the true conflict of the movie stems more from the demented and immoral humans than from the zombie hordes.  The zombies take a backseat to Takahashi and his gang, who take ruthless pleasure in antagonizing the two brothers as well as a young nurse named Mary, who crashes her car into the warehouse in a search for Zombrex, the drug that she believes can prevent her zombification.

What emerges is pure low-budget zombie movie trash, although elevated to a nonsensical art form by the video-game pedigree that it carries.  By the time the movie ends, we’ve seen gallons of gore, a flamethrower to the face, a wheelchair modified into a chainsaw-mobilized tank, and fatal fellatio, all peppered with easter eggs and sly in-jokes.  Inafune also made a bold decision to shoot most of the movie from the point of view of the wheelchair-bound George, which gives it a very unprecedented perspective.

Unless your Xbox hard drive is full, there is really no reason not to give Zombrex Dead Rising Sun a chance. Its micro budget, awful dubbing and stilted dialogue all add up to be one hell of a good time.  Plus, it’s free!  You will find it in the Game Downloads/Game Videos section of Xbox Live.

Double the Sequel, Double the Terror

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Here’s an early Halloween treat for you – feature of two zombie games you might be interested playing.

Dead Rising 2

If you’re up for some zombie rampage, then this game is the right pick for you. The sequel is much better in terms of gameplay than Dead Rising. There are many missions in store for you. On your journey to completing them, you need to sweep thousands of zombies off your way. Get ready to take the role of Chuck Greene and lambaste those stinky zombies to make sure they succumb to death. In Dead Rising 2, there are several weapons that might put you to excitement; you can customize weapons in the latter part of the game and see which ones can make you a deadly berserker against zombies. Available in multiplayer mode, Dead Rising 2 is sure to make a hit. The game had reached thousands of consoles after its release two weeks ago. Capcom is such a genius for developing this sequel.

Left 4 Dead 2

If you are familiar with the Resident Evil games, then you can understand this game flawlessly. Left 4 Dead 2 is a sequel to the successful first-person shooter game developed by Valve Studios. This new sequel features four survivors from the spread of the infection, as told on the first game. They must fight their way out and accomplish their mission. How far can you go to help them?

This game shares many similarities with Resident Evil. There is a pandemic of a certain disease that mutates people to scary-looking beasts, otherwise known as zombies. It also has a resemblance to the movie I am Legend. The four survivors in the game are immune to the virus and this makes them become freely uninfected. To keep you from reading spoilers, grab a copy of the game now! 🙂

Left 4 Dead 2 was released in Mac on October 5, 2010.