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Alice: Madness Returns – New Trailers and Screenshots

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American McGee has recently announced his  return to the Alice in Wonderland territory, with a sequel to his quirky third-person horror game from 2000. The game developer showed a lot of confidence, during the EA’s press conference held in Tokyo, digging up a ten year-old PC game and reviving it into modern consoles.

The game is entitled Alice: Madness Returns, and it is set eleven years after the first game, where Alice had developed a unique psychosis from her trauma that created the “Wonderland” within her mind, a safe place where she can escape.

Sequels are certainly tricky to pull off. McGee stressed out that every enemy in the game is a puzzle, as players have to find out the weaknesses of each opponent. The player should either have to work hard to seize what makes the opponent thick or build upon it to develop an even better experience, or somehow wipe the slate clean and create something new altogether with a hint of from the original.

The trailer begins in the Veil of Tears, a place full of greenery and flowers that symbolizes a pure and uncorrupted Alice. The peaceful ambiance serves perfectly as a tutorial spot and is aided by Cheshire Cat who still looks like a freaky elongated cat.  Alice can get in control with her double-jumping and gliding abilities and has gained the ability to shrink herself at will which is needed to be done in order to crisscross the environment.

The next area shown is the aforementioned Mad Hatter’s place. This shady area is filled with mechanical abominations and molten lava. The opponents in this section are the teapots with legs and beasts known as the Ruin that appear to wreck her. According to McGee, the enemies in each level are entirely unique, creating unceasing feeling of change and variety. Throughout the demo, Alice picks up “memories” that serve like the audio logs in Bioshock and fill the player in on important bits of the story.

Watch Alice: Madness Returns Trailer here



Zombie Games Addiction

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Most gaming fans know that zombies are perfect for killing without feeling guilty and they can definitely slaughter even hundreds of these creatures without worrying that other people will care. Of course, this is when you engage in playing Online Zombie Games. Even if it’s not Halloween yet, you can always see that zombies have always had their share of online presence. There are tons of zombie games available online that have been created and are very popular to a lot of gamers online.

Gamers that are brave at heart will surely enjoy these

scary creatures. They will totally like the idea of mass obliteration of all the zombies that they will encounter in the game. So if you’re a little scared of scenes of zombies slavering human flesh and eating brains, then you should definitely back out. But for fearless gamers, well, they’re really in for some breath taking experience. You just need to search online for zombie games and hundreds, maybe even thousands, of websites will offer you the most popular and latest zombie games in the net.

Relevance to Horror Movies

Zombie games are such an enjoyable way to spend your free time and they’re growing more popular to a lot of gamers online. Why? Just like the horror movies that we can actually see, zombie games are exciting, thrilling, and fun if you aren’t scared of it. Maybe this is why more and more people are enjoying playing zombie games today. A terrifying situation can be experienced once or twice by everyone so the similarities of this to zombie games have made it more addicting to people.

You may find yourself totally involved in the zombie action, pushing your level of adrenalin to the top, and getting scared in the scenes where your character is in. You can certainly get scared but the question is – are you still able to go on and finish the game or will you just stop and look for something less frightening for you to play?

So there you have it. Look for your own zombie game and prepare yourself for hours and hours of mindless fun and entertainment, scary sensation and endless excitement.

Game Review: Plants vs. Zombies

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Plants vs. Zombies is an entertaining and very well-designed game that will be found very intriguing by gamers who have just started exploring the tower-defense games genre, as well as challenging and satisfying to serious fans of this real-time-strategy subgenre especially to Zombie Games fanatics.

The Gameplay

The gameplay and interface start out simply: you must plant seeds, collect sunlight, and tend a gridded garden that is your only defense against ravenous waves of the cartoonish undead. Zombies advance right to left in rows, and you have to decide which kind of plants to use and where to put them, whether you choose to accelerate sunlight production growing sunflowers or a variety of other plants to shoot, chomp, freeze, block, or otherwise frustrate the zombies. At each level, zombies attack at random intervals, with a special moment in which a massive horde of zombies will attack the player. A meter that indicates the approximate time when the zombie assault will occur alerts the player gets of this killer onslaught.

Green Arsenal

Hilariously-named weapons like Potato Mines, Hypno-shrooms, Peashooters and Cabbage-pults provide defence and attack capabilities. You and Crazy Dave have to prevent the entire neighbourhood from having its residents’ brains eaten by the zombies. You can buy a variety of items offered by your crazy neighbour, who sells things from the back of his car, with the money you earn throughout every mode. Items range from upgrades for your existing plants to defensive boosts, to a wide variety of gardening implements that help you cultivate your Zen gardens. These are simple greenhouses where you can grow your exotic plants in a zombie-free environment. The music helps set the vibe and is quite superb. It generally consists of light-hearted, dynamic loops that bop along at a good pace and set a great tone for the action.

It’s quite remarkable how well everything works together in Plants vs. Zombies. Every element, from the gameplay to the bonus extras to the presentation, seems to follow the core philosophy of accessible simplicity underpinned by thoughtful complexity. If you have never played a tower defense game before, this is the one you should try. And if you’re sick to death of tower defense games, this one’s gonna bring you back into the fold.

My Top 5 Zombie Games

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Playing Zombie Games is a great way to have fun. They allow you to turn off the lights, turn up the surround sound and scare nearly everything within a hundred feet of you. However, not all zombie games are created equal and some are truly better than others. This is the list of my top five zombie games. Check out this titles and get the most out of your gaming experience.

TOP 5 – Hunter: The Reckoning

Hunter: The Reckoning is an addictive game that allows gamers to annihilate zombies with twenty different weapons including flamethrowers and axes. What makes Hunter: The Reckoning different from other zombie games is the fact that you can also take on vampires, werewolves and update your character like an RPG.

TOP 4 – Resident Evil

The game that started the survival horror genre is Resident Evil which is still an extremely scary game up to date. It offers plenty of engrossing and terrifying confrontations with the undead. But the best part of this game is the excellent storyline and puzzle solving. Fourteen years later, this is still one of the best zombie games on the market.

TOP 3 – House Of The Dead 4

If you want the best weapons then look no further than House of the Dead 4 which gives you the chance to blast multiple zombies with a single weapon. House of the Dead 4 features an immersive experience in one of the best modern-day light gun shooters on the market.


DOOM has been argued as not only one of the best zombie games ever, but also as one of the most important games ever. This game has revolutionized 3D gaming and started a whole new level of BFG gaming. DOOM is undeniably a zombie game at a legendary level.

TOP 1 – Dead Rising

And on the top spot of the list, my zombie game of all time is Dead Rising on Xbox 360. All the ideas of a zombie movie have been combined into this single game. All the tension and gore you get in a Hollywood film are contained within this game. In fact, this game features elements of the zombie genre that other games haven’t mastered yet. A good presentation, new moves and replay value make this one of the best zombie games ever.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Zombie Games

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Naturally, being scared is not something that people really like to experience, so you might ask yourself why Zombie Games have become so popular. Basically, it’s because their story lines are somewhat similar to the Hollywood horror movies. With a large market and ever growing popularity, you may wonder what exactly makes them so enjoyable.

Origins of the Zombie Games Genre

Games such as Doom opened the doors to playing zombie shooting games. Generally its success is what introduced this type of games to the market as we see it today. The popularity of games like Doom was pretty much the key to knowing that games like this will be successful for years, in fact there is always at least one horror game listed in the top ten zombie games list every year. Modern games such as Fear and Bioshock illustrate that the horror games have a solid hand in its genre. Thanks to the enhancement of technology in gaming, we can see the development of even more horrifying games being produced.

The Pleasure of Playing Zombie Games

People enjoy having fun and being scared is usually not something that is considered nice. Still, after the experience it can be considered funny and entertaining and typically exciting. This could be why we have fun playing zombie games. Everyone has once experienced a scary situation and when we see this take place in a zombie game, the similarities between you and the experience in the game starts to grow which in turn gets you addicted and involved to the game.

Now you might find yourself involved in the action, pushing your level of adrenalin and being scared in the situation you are in as the character in the game. However, you might get scared but the question is, can you handle it or are you going to turn off the game and play something a lot less frightening?

In conclusion, the main reason why we play zombie games is because it provides hours of endless fun and entertainment. This is an excitement that cannot be compared to any other type of gaming genre. Every individual enjoys being entertained and having a great time while playing and horror games provide you with this experience.